Hi, I am Mevish.
Born in
Raised around
the world.

I help
companies with
marketing and
support female

Mevish Aslam
Do and dare.
Make quick, bold
decisions &
on the challenge.
They call me humbly
creative & quick-witted.
But I like
to just say it as it is –
I simply love to work.
Mevish Aslam

What I do:

  • SXSW Advisory board member
  • Startup Digest curator
  • Running Sprinters

What I enjoy and have done:

  • Innovation
  • Tech
  • Startup scout
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Data driven
  • Analytical
  • creative

Articles I've written:

I help frustrated product teams identify their best customers & figure out what triggers them to buy (or stop buying).

mevish@sprinters.coMevish Aslam